Special Education Services

Department of Special Education

Jennifer Poole                  Director of Special Education

Ruby Wilson                    Secretary to the Director

Brenda Canizales             Secretary

Maria Labrada                 PEIMS Secretary, Diagnostician/Speech Assistant

Crystal Dunn                   Occupational Therapy Assistant

Elke Fitch                        Physical Therapy Assistant

Kelly Harrison                 Speech Therapy Assistant/Autism Coordinator

Sarah Simpson                 Speech & Language Pathologist Intern

Vicki McGill                    Educational Diagnostician

Dana Rogers                     Educational Diagnostician

Sarah Blair                       Educational Diagnostician

Jodi Blanchard                 Educational Diagnostician

Melissa Maas                   Special Education Counselor

Gina Alexander               Special Education Counselor

Mexia ISD Autism Program


Texas Transition and Employment Guide

Texas Transition and Employment Guide (Spanish)


If you know of or suspect that a child or young adult may have disabilities that hinder that child from receiving a free and appropriate education, please contact us at: 254-562-4005.

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Upcoming Events

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