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Family Engagement Plan

Posted Date: 02/19/2019

Elementary Family Engagement Plan

McBay 18/19


Family engagement is defined as the mutual responsibility of families, schools, and communities to build relationships to support student learning and achievement. It’s goal is to support family well being and the continuous learning and development of children, families, and educators. Family engagement is fully integrated in the child’s educational experience and supports the whole child.  

    TEA has identified six family engagement strategies which must be incorporated into the local Family Engagement Plan.


  1. Facilitate family to family support


Mexia ISD strives to communicate with parents in their native languages as much as possible.  This is accomplished by publishing information in the two dominant languages represented with in the district.  The district utilizes the Spanish radio station to broadcast school information and announcements.


McBay Parent Teacher Organization offers family to family interaction and support through their monthly meetings, literacy nights, Doughnuts with Dads.


The campus also offers support and interaction of families through the “Meet the teacher”  night, Open house night, and various musical productions performed by the students at the school.  


2. Establish a network of family resources



Faith based organizations such as First United Methodist Church with Packs of Kindness provide backpacks with food for students in poverty.  


H.E.B. partners with McBay Elementary to provide access for field trips, and engagement in recycling programs.  


A list of available social services with telephone number is provided to parents that            request information.


3. Increase family participation in decision making.


McBay Elementary encourages parental input through district surveys, which are online and in paper format.  


The parent teacher organization is another avenue by which parents are provided the opportunity to discuss school issues.


The district utilizes parent input on LPAC committees as well as School Health Advisory Council.


The school conducts Title I Parent Meeting providing information regarding federal programs and expenditures.


McBay strives to increase attendance at parent meetings and family events by evaluation of convenient times, best nights, and convenient locations to remove barriers to parent attendance.  


4. Equip families with tools to enhance and extend learning.


Mexia ISD offers full day prekindergarten for all students in the district, enhancing and extending socialization with school readiness.


Parents are encouraged to access their student’s grades, school calendar, health services, and school information through the parent resources tab on the school website.


Parents will be provided frequent reports on student progress. Report cards and progress reports will be sent home with the students to assist parents in monitoring their student’s academic growth.  


Teacher / Parent conferences are scheduled throughout the year as necessary to promote and enhance student progress.


5. Provide professionals development opportunities for educators on culturally responsive, evidence-based strategies that support the education of the child.


Faculty and staff are trained through online training of bullying prevention, homeless education, suicide prevention, substance abuse and identifying / prevention of child abuse.


6. Evaluate family engagement efforts and use evaluations for continuous improvement.


    Mexia ISD currently uses parent surveys to gain information from parents on perception of current programs and their effectiveness.  Surveys as offered each spring to gather information to plan for the next school year.


Information / Resources


Dr. Lyle Dubus




Dr. Celia Drews

Asst. Superintendent



Joe Tyus

Principal McBay Elementary



Klaras Children’s Center

324 4th St.

Waco, TX 76701



Limestone Co. MHMR

700 Hwy 171 W. Suite 706

Mexia, TX 76667



Heart of Texas MHMR

24 hr crisis/emergency





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