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Library Resources

About the Library

The Mexia High School Library is an active library with an open-door policy.  We believe that information literacy, research strategies and academic honesty are best taught through student experiences.


Library Information

The library is open from 7:30 a.m. to 3:45 p.m., Monday through Friday.

The high school library has approximately 10,000 books and 32 magazine subscriptions.  We also have a selection of audiobooks and ebooks that are available for checkout. 

Books can be checked out for two weeks. 

Students are allowed to check out 2 books at a time.


Library Passes

The library is open and available to students before and after school and during class with a teacher pass.

Students are required to have passes to use the library during class times.  Passes can be obtained from any teacher.


Helpful Areas

10 Internet connected stations for research, 2 private classrooms within the library, and copier. 

Students are allowed to print 8 pages per day from computer stations.  

Copier is only to be used for research/classroom material.  We will have to approve all copies before copying.  

We also have a large reference section for students to use for research.


The Librarian

Sarah McBride is the MHS District Librarian.  She loves dogs, reading, the Grinch, and cross stitching.  She listens to a lot of audiobooks since she drives to work.  She loves books that are full of action and excitement. 

Contact Ms.McBride at or 254-562-4010

We would love to hear what you want to read, or hear about some great new websites you think we should know about, or other library suggestions.  Just email us or stop by and drop it in the suggestion box.




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