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Team Members

Jennifer Poole                    Director of Special Education 

Ruby Wilson                       Administrative Assistant

Brenda Canizales               Administrative Assistant

Maria Labrada                    Administrative Assistant/Ed. Diagnostician Assistant (District-Wide)

Crystal Dunn                      Occupational Therapy Assistant (District-Wide)

Elke Fitch                           Physical Therapy Assistant (District-Wide)

Kelly Harrison                   Speech Therapy Assistant/Autism Coordinator (District-Wide)

Sarah Simpson                 Speech & Language Pathologist Intern (District-Wide)

 Angie Rogers                    Educational Diagnostician (District-Wide)

Sarah Blair                         Educational Diagnostician (District-Wide)

Karina Cisneros                Case Manager (MJH/MHS)

Melissa Maass                   Special Education Counselor (DC MJH/MJH/McBay/Sims)

Gina Alexander                  Special Education Counselor (DC MHS/MHS)

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Upcoming Events

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