New Student Online Enrollment for 2021-2022 will begin this summer (See 2021-2022 New Student Online Enrollment).
PK and KG may use the New Student Online Enrollment portal beginning April 2, 2021 (See 
2021-2022 Pre-Kindergarten/Kindergarten Online Enrollment).

  • The processing of new online applications (NSOE) and withdrawals will be managed by the Campus Registrars.

  • All required enrollment documentation may be uploaded into the New Student Online Enrollment Portal. All required documentation must be uploaded or brought to the enrolling campus before student is enrolled. Guardians must bring identification to campus before enrollment is complete.

  • Questions can be emailed to the following address:

Who qualifies for enrollment?

MISD shall admit all persons who are over five and younger than 21 years of age on September 1 of any school year in which admission is sought, and may admit a person who is at least 21 and under 26 for the purpose of completing the requirements for a high school diploma, if any of the following conditions exist:

  • MISD RESIDENT: The family lives in the district boundary lines. (state-mandated)

  • STUDENT AND PARENT CONSERVATOR: When parents are divorced and one of the two parents, who has custody, lives in the district. (state-mandated)

  • POWER OF ATTORNEY: The family has signed legal rights for the child to a family who resides in the district. (state-mandated)

  • MULTIPLE FAMILY OR HOMELESS: The family lives with another family, who is a district resident, due to financial hardship OR the family does not have a permanent residence and qualifies as homeless. (state-mandated)

  • RESIDENT GRANDPARENT: A grandparent, serving as a caretaker for the child, lives in the MISD zone, even though the parents do not and the child does not. (state-mandated)

  • STAFF MEMBER CHILD: Parent works in MISD. (local decision)

  • DISTRICT TRANSFER: Student does not live in MISD but is asking to attend MISD—limited to space available. (local decision). A Student Transfer Application will need to be completed and then approved by campus principal and Superintendent.